"The mind can read what the eyes can see however there is much more than what
the normal eyes can see."

Microscope- enhanced dentistry is a promising and inseparable aspect of modern day dentistry. It involves the uses of magnification systems starting from Simple Loupes(2-4x magnification) to Surgical Operating Microscope (upto 25-40x magnification).These enable the clinician to enjoy magnified vision, depth of focus of the treatment area and field of view characteristics, better illumination, and avail of an excellent tool in recording and documenting. Since there is magnified vision and the primary aim is minimal invasion, there is use of very fine light weight micro instruments, designed specially to work under the microscope. This ensures minimal trauma to tissues, more precise handling, , less pain, swelling, minimal scarring, significantly faster healing, far superior post-operative appearance compared to conventional procedures. A very remarkable example is that of Root Canal therapy , wherin the apex of the tooth, which is otherwise invisible can be seen directly under the microscope, thus helping in overcoming difficulties in treatment and achieving excellent outcomes.Read more



In periodontal and Endodontic surgery, the benefits of surgical microscope help in Minimally Invasive Surgical techniques.(MIST) The primary objectives of the MIST include the following

  • Reduced surgical trauma
  • Increased flap/wound stability
  • Creation of a stable primary closure of the wound. Reduced surgical chair time
  • Minimization of patient discomfort and side effects.



  • Root canal therapy
  • Retrieval of broken instruments
  • Removal of old Root canal fillings
  • Endodontic –periapical surgery( Apicoectomy)
  • Scaling and RootPlaning
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Peridontal plastic surgery (All Procedures)
  • Papilla reconstruction
  • mplant dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry.