The White Arch offers more than two decades of collective professional experience. meet the team at the centre of it all.

Dr. Vivek Hegde has been one of the forerunners in introducing contemporary concepts in the vast field of endodontics in India, to practitioners and patients alike. From the inception of engine driven nickel titanium instruments as a staple, to the advent of microscopic magnification in the endodontic practice, Dr. Vivek Hegde has been inspired by and has in turn inspired a plethora of dental surgeons around the world, who are committed to the cause of bettering oral health care. Dedicated to constantly updating and sharing his knowledge with passion and humility, it is therefore only befitting that a variety of dental surgeons with similar beliefs cherish learning from Dr.Vivek Hegde at his new state-of-the-art clinic and academy, ‘The White Arch Dental Centre’.

At present, Dr. Vivek Hegde and the White Arch team offer two certified courses:

Download the Modern Endodontics Course Brochure here.

‘Advanced Endodontics’ – a course for those practitioners with a passion for the sometimes underestimated field of endodontics. Covering topics from instrument retrieval, the use of instrumental aids like microscopes and lasers to prognosis changing materials such as MTA, this course has much to offer endodontists, experienced general practitioners, and those who have completed the ‘Modern Endodontics’ course.

Download the Advanced Endodontics Course Brochure here.

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