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Conventional motor driven instrumesnts(drills) transform electric or pneumatic energy into mechanical cutting action using the sharpened edge of burs or saw blades. These instruments generate a significant amount of heat in the cutting zone that has to be minimized by water irrigation. Overheating may also delay the healing response

Peizosurgery is a new surgical technique , which is atraumatic especially for cutting of the bone.It consists of a piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer powered by an ultrasonic generator,capable of driving a range of specially designed cutting inserts.The most compelling characteristics of piezoelectric bone surgery are low surgical trauma, exceptional control during surgery and fast healing response of the tissues.The specificity of operations and techniques employed with piezoelectric bone surgery make it possible to advantageously exploit differences in hard and soft tissues.It overcomes the limits of traditional bone cutting. It is a unique technology in the world (US patent 6,695,047B2) for the variable frequency .The unit has a display that allows the operator to choose between the BONE or ROOT modes.The bone cutting modes are used to cut bone with selections that are specific to bone type or density. The ROOT mode is used to shape , debride , and smooth root surfaces (both external;periodontal and



  1. Microprecision
  2. Peizosurgery cuts mineralized tissues with microprecision. Frequency of 30,000Hz.A sound wave is overmodulated on this base frequency , which generates a hammering action with very little heat because the mechanical energy to produce vibrations is very low.
  3. Selective cutting –mineralized tissues only, thus no risk of damaging the nerves, soft tissues, blood vessels etc
  4. Maximumvisibility:Cavitation effect produces blood-free field.Thehydropneumatic pressure temporarily stops bleeding from both hard and soft tissues.Tissue perfusion resumes shortly after cutting.
  5. Excellent healing: Minimal swelling, bleeding, post-operative complications.


Root canal therapy

Periapical surgeries

Scaling and Root planing

Periodontal surgeries

Osteoplasty, Ostectomy

Tooth extraction

Ridge expansion

Sinus lift procedures


Orthodontic-periodontic surgeries.