Here at the White Arch, we cover a whole gamut of dental treatments and services. We go to any lengths possible to make sure your smile stays bright and healthier than ever.

After years of torment at the hands of inexperienced dentists, Dr Vivek Hegde was a miracle worker. My teeth have never felt better, and I recommend him to everyone I know!

- Dr (Mrs) Khurshid Bhalla (Root Canal)

I'd rather invest in my teeth, done by Dr Vivek Hegde, than in solitaires!

- Mrs Gupta (Root canal treatment and Crowns).

The White Arch is like an oasis in the desert!

- Dr Saxena (Restorative Dentistry)

I never thought getting teeth work would be such a wonderful experience till I came here. The doctor was very informative every step of the way. Professional, pleasant and enjoyed the minimum waiting time. Look forward to coming back.

- Felix Rocha (Root Canal & Crowns)

Very professional and pleasant experience with thorough treatment.

- Ketan Shah

The doctors make the clinic and i like them at The White Arch. Clean clinic and comfortable treatment. The doctor is empathetic and comforting

- Mrs. Deepali Jain (Root canal treatment and crowns)

Best clinic in town, lovely interiors and good dentists

- Mrs. Pittie ( Root canal treatment and Smile Design)

Best clinic in town, lovely interiors and good dentists

- Mrs. Pittie ( Root canal treatment and Smile Design)

Superior clinic, extremely hygenic and neat. Had a wonderful experience.

- Dr. Ahmed (Root canal treatment and crowns)

Excellent! Very nice clinic! I'm sure I won't find it in Brazil. Great experience!

- Graziele Sentinelo

Excellent job! Very pleased. Will recommend to family and friends!

- Mr Harshad Khatri (Dental Implants)

The best treatment I've ever had!

-- Faezeh (Cosmetic Dentistry)

Quality treatment and home-like atmosphere. Loving and kind! Keep it up!

-- Henrietta Fernandes (Fillings & Gum Surgery)

Excellent work and very high-tech machines! Totally impressed! Good job, keep it up!

- Dimple Chhabra (Root Canal and Teeth Whitening)

Outstanding! It was a privilege to be treated by you, sir!

- Lulua Rangwala (Cosmetic Fillings)

Very professional outfit. Benchmark clinic in dental care!

- Ketan Shah

My mother-in-law is really happy. Has undergone almost every treatment - cosmetic, implant, bridges. Excellent! Keep it up. All the very best!

- Dr Vijayshree Shirole (Dental Implant)